Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hippies ahoy!

I went for an interview to live in a hippy commune today. The questions went something like this:

Question one: Do you love Tofu?
Question two: Are your shakras aligned?
Question three: If the Earth Goddess walked in would you worship and adore her?

Not really.

One of the odd things about going to an interview to Iive somewhere is the prospect of rejection is somehow far more personal than with a job for instance.

With a job interview if you fail at least they can say you don't have enough experience or the wrong qualifications, with a house interview it far more about whether they like you or not and want to live with you - which makes success or failure about how a cool a person you are.

Well I'm stuffed then.

I've been neurotically obsessing about my upcoming rejection all week and I've found it incredibly difficult to concentrate on doing anything else at all. Thankfully I saw my mate Sara just before, which not only distracted me sufficiently to prevent working myself into a tissy just prior, but also put me into the best of anecdote telling moods.

Which means the humiliation will be even worse, cos at least if I'd been a nervous wreck I could have blamed that for getting turned down!


stroppybird said...

Honestly Jim Jam, I would take it as a compliment if I was rejected for not answering those questions in the positive!!

Is this what happens when you join the Green Party ?

moll said...

Hope it went well - I´m sure it did. But then again, perhaps its time y`ll just started your own brand shiney new anarchist co-op rather than trying to take over that one... :)

Jim Jay said...

Alas the Green Party insist on hair shirt wearing, lentil eating, organic bicycle riding and much much more. Although the co-op people didn't really asked me those questions - although they did ask if I had a problem with drugs - that's never a good sign in an interview is it?!?!?

I think it might be easier to infiltrate this co-op than make my own one, and I'm all for the easy life.... apparently I hear today ~~~ oooooo!

Jim Jay said...

Have heard - crashed and burned - I'm not in - must learn some better jokes

stroppybird said...


See it as a positive !!

moll said...

:( sorry to hear that Jim... The competition is tough from what i hear, but hope that you're not too demoralised and will try again another time. I suspect its less to do with them not wanting you in particular as there being a lot of people on the waiting list. And at least it means you can hang out there and enjoy the good side without having to deal with all the nutters, the being woken up at 2 in the morning by pissheads outside the window, the meetings...