Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's the second Sunday Quiz

You know you want it!

OK the rules are simple - you need to get who the picture is of, and then have a go at the bonus question... let's see if this week is a bit easier!

Emmeline Pankhurst, Suffragette, in 1918 the Representation of the People Act extended the franchise - how old did a woman have to be to vote - and how old to be a member of Parliament?
Tony Cliff, founder of the SWP, easy for the older comrades, harder for the youngsters - can any of you young reds name me his original moniker?
Her name is Rosie the Riveter, and this is a WWII propaganda poster - but what for specifically and where?
Jean Paul Satre, existentialist, who was his famous partner?
Emma Goldman, anarchist, she was arrested in 1901 for a plot to assassinate whom? How did you do? Alright?


Ed said...

I did quite badly. I knew Cliff and Satre, but I thought Goldman was Rosa Luxemburg, don't know the name of the woman in the union poster and thought Pankhurst was either Beatrice Webb or Kolontai.

Not so good on the bonus questions either. I'm only sure of the one about Satre.

Jim Jay said...

Hi Ed, so what are your guesses to the bonus questions you're not sure of?

Ed said...

I think the answer to the Pankhurst questions are: over 30 to vote (ie 31) and the same to be an MP.

I've heard Cliff's real name somewhere but I can't remember it -is it Gluckstein?

Rosie the Riveter looks like an American poster and it's a call for women to join in the war effort in WW2.

Satre's other half was Simone de Bouvoir (sp?)

I have no idea who Goldman was trying to assassinate.

Louisefeminista said...

1. 30 years old for women in 1918
2. Ygael Gluckstein
3. Simone De Bourvoir
4. She was imprisoned for trying to bump off President McKinley (but she would she be dancing without the revolution..?)

Oh and Rosie it was to do with the war effort

Jim Jay said...

Rosie was a call to american women to work in industry (i always think of it as a UK poster - but i think that's because it's very similar to the land army posters)

the vote one is bizarre because women could vote at 30 but become MPs at 21 - therefore being able to become an MP without being allowed to vote for themselves.

and well done on getting the name of the US president - i would never have remembered that (he's one of those people i find it impossible to remember)