Wednesday, November 08, 2006

US mid-terms

It looks like the democrats have failed to stuff up the election and have accidently delivered a massive blow to Bush's Republicans, leaving Nancy Pelosi in a position of becoming the first female speaker of the House. Whatever next... a woman President (shakes head)?

As yet Virginia and Montana have yet to declare in the senate race leaving Democrats frustratingly poised at 49 of 100 seats (with two independents and 47 Republicans). Apparently it will take a few days at least to get the result the new fangled electronic systems were programmed to get. Tut.

Republicans can take solace from the fact that Schwarzenegger crushed his democratic enemy in California - although they might be disturbed at his disgustingly pro-immigrant and eco-friendly policies.

More good news: South Dakota overturned a near total abortion ban that was put in place earlier this year (55% to 45%). In other referendums Missouri are backing stem cell research and there's massive backing for withdrawing troops from Iraq in some areas.

Encumbant Joe Lieberman (who was the 2000 vice presidential candidate) won in Conneticut, despite losing the battle to retain the Democratic Party nomination because of his support for the Iraq war. He beat his Democrat rival 49% to 40% leaving the Republicans eating their dust.

Congressman Bernie Saunders was the other independent who won a Senate seat. Saunders is a self identifying socialist, many say the first socialist Senator in US history, although I have my doubts about that claim (interview). Both independents are to caucus with the Democrats.

Minnesota elected the first Muslim member of congress - good luck mate.

Unsurprisingly, in Florida Republican Mark Foley lost his seat - I guess his behaviour of recent times comes under "corruption" - although I suppose it could be "values".

Ex-Black Panther and Green Party candidate Aaron Dixon unfortunately didn't make a dent in anyone's vote although there appear to be some more promising patches of Green support - hopefully there will be a comprehensive run down of Green results appearing at some point (they're here - thanks Matt).

Anyway, Bush was probably grumbling into his cornflakes this morning - so whatever the deficiencies of the Democrats - the results have at least shown that US citizens have chosen not to take the joke too far.

Update: Rumsfeld! Update2: Replaced by this guy


Matt Sellwood said...

For comprehensive rundowns of Green results, see

As for Bernie, I've thought he is excellent for a long time. He isn't an anti-capitalist, he's a populist social democrat...but in the political complexion of the US, that is something to shout about.

And, actually, I think I'm more optimistic than you about some of the other Democrats elected as well. Sherrod Brown in Ohio (despite a couple of *very* dodgy votes every so often, like voting for torture) is a solid left-wing, anti neo-liberal progressive, and he brings the number of 'proper progressives' in the Senate to at least three (counting Feingold). I don't have illusions in the Democrats but things could be much worse....

Jim Jay said...

That's a useful resource - thanks - and it certainly is comprehensive.

Just flicking through it I came across some notable results - although it's quite confusing

morbo said...

Bush is dead in the water now

Jim Jay said...

Well perhaps.

But something I've been mulling over recently is - what does Bush need popularity for? He's not going to stand for re-election and the Democrats are not going to withdraw the troops, at least no faster than Bush would on his own.

There are, I suppose, elements of the domestic agenda that he needed political allies for - but at lot of them seem to be the peripheral policies like stem cell research and gay marriage.

Anti-Bush propaganda is almost as futile now as calling on Blair to resign when he's already stated he's going

DISCOM said...

congrats to South D!!!!